Wednesday, June 25, 2008

UMPC is a new class emerging the ULCPC

The class of Ultra Mobile PC's or low format notebooks has been quite a disruptive technology in the Mobile learning area. The smart phone types suggest they are neither a smart phone or full spec laptop capable of manipulating rich media . There are it appears two classes of machine in terms of specification.

Rich Media devices (small versions of full spec laptops )
Low media devices functions including a range of text editing media viewing.

It strikes me now we have
1)UMPC's (small version of conventional laptops at a cost !!)
2) ULCPC Ultra Low Cost PC's.( cut down version of cnventional laptops with limited functionality)

the next evolution in the chain is smartphone connectivity to conventional monitor and keyboard when in the office environment . The Iphone is it appears nearest to this capability but not quite

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