Thursday, June 25, 2009

Students: Win a chance to visit the International International Broadcast Conference (IBC) and exhibition, Amsterdam, September 2009

The Broadcast Working Group of the Digital Communications Knowledge
Transfer Network (DC-KTN) is looking to find five students to send to the IBC
in Amsterdam this year. The successful candidates will receive free entry to
the conference and exhibition and up to £1000 to cover travel and
subsistence expenses associated with attendance. In return, they will be
expected to run a workshop or seminar for their colleagues at their own
institution on the theme:
The most important technology trends in broadcasting over the next ten years
and the opportunities they create for our institution.
IBC brings together the best in the world of content creation, management
and delivery, showcasing the latest technologies. It presents an opportunity to
hear from, and network with, the leading players and thinkers in the industry.
The IBC conference runs from 10 -14 September and the exhibition from 11 -
15 September. We will liaise with the winners beforehand to decide the best
dates to attend during the show. Details on IBC can be found at:
The competition is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students
studying at a United Kingdom third-level institution who have an interest in
broadcasting technology, its applications and implications. The winners will be
five students from five different institutions to maximise the scope for
knowledge transfer.

More detail can be found at

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