Saturday, November 28, 2009

What happens when the backchannel becomes the main channel.

Now I love using tools to follow conferences either in the venue or without . be it twitter sms what ever but here is an interesting article how do you as a presenter feel when your participants on the back channel either start criticising you or actually a debate is sparked off by you that that you don't pursue from the platform but they do. One to look at and examine especially if you show twitter streams live . The really honest article based around one persons experience at the recent Web 2.0 expo.

The anonymity of twitter the collective crowd can lead to amazing but sometime it can also go wrong. Tiger woods car crash yesterday was just one example. twitter is a great tool but like anytool can take you in directions participants did not intend good or bad.

No comment but an interesting piece non the less.


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Anonymous said...

interesting thoughts. Was discussing this y'day with my man @circuit_9, who is a total twttr sceptic. He tried to follow the Guardian Innov in Educ event on Twttr but said it was basically arse.

Is there a "maturity" issue here ? Have we basically just not quite found the way to use the tech productively and therefore too easily hi-jacked by the lure of flaming or indulging in other distractions ?