Tuesday, December 29, 2009

thoughts for 2010 first of many !!

Well 2010 will certainly be interesting . The past years comment of the future being mobile have been passed Likewise with social media. If you haven't noticed the Developed Countries are already there and to be honest the developing countries are mobilising faster than the developed ones .

Predictions comments for 2010 Things will be:

  • Embedded. Connectivity via wifi or via the humble sim card will become the norm in sat navs, digital photoframes and importantly TV's.
  • Whats Television the fragmentation on what is television will continue ,
  • Transferable media will be transferable via WiFi ,Near Field Communication (NFC) in its various flavours Jet stream transferring data over very short distances at 530Mbsec  is one that appears in well known brands of laptops and TVs.
  • HTML 5 wil appear giving much of the offline functionally of google gears and the like ( google think so they have stopped developing gears).
  • Ambient this is a wierd one wearable, Context and location aware .
  • Integrated technology will not only as now appear in the home but me much more widely integrated
  • Green a difficult one but manufacturers have got get real and they are. power management, kit life has got be extended.

The big developments will be in a few words

  • Battery Technology
  • Wireless charging
And as for the Cloud that's worth a longer post

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