Friday, January 29, 2010

Brandheld by essential research

This report Branded services will make smart phones starts of with following statements
Handsets, cost and connection speed holding back mobile internet adoption

London, 21 January, 2010: A huge 76% of mobile phone users don’t use their mobile to access the internet a UK-wide study into our mobile habits by leading research specialist Essential Research has revealed. The news comes despite industry hype around the success of internet-enabled smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Nexus One.
Even more surprising is that 60% of UK mobile users claim to not even own a mobile with internet access and just 30% of these are interested in getting one. The picture gets worse for mobile operators with the revelation that even for upwardly mobile internet users and owners of smartphones, one third (31%) have never used their phone to connect to the internet, a quarter (24%) use it less than once a week and 8% tried it but don’t intend to do so again.
Now Iam sure this reflects what researchers found but it doesnt reflect what I see around town but still give it a read it makes some interesting points. As always form your own view. Blog post relating to report can be found at


Paul said...

I think its true, most people don't go anywhere near exploiting what their phone can do. If school encouraged students to use their phones in learning they might realise their full potenial and we'd have a generation of people who have the power of knowledge in their pockets- and know how to use it. Now, what might happen in the UK press if a UK school leader suggested this?

andy black said...

I think your right I just realise how much I use my mobile. I have friends with Iphones or android phones which I dont have who make less use of the increased functionality than I do of my third rather than fifth generation mobile . amazed people dont use them as calculators timers or even camera's.