Friday, July 02, 2010

Libretto W100

Is it a tablet is a pad is it a book. The new dual screen libretto by Toshiba showcased by engadget cant work out how to use it guys well use your imagination I can . the lower screen keyboard different language set up symbol set up for specialist users . The obvious games platform potential and the potential for integrating gps with maps on one screen satellite photo on other etc . the potential for graphics use in education is obvious to me and the touch pad is obvious in this area.

Proof of concept maybe but to be honest its got legs the price tag is an issue . The old libretto back in the 90's wasn't cheap but neither was the other ultra compacts like the Sony mini viao at the time.

so good to see Toshiba; leading innovation and not just sitting back on its current product range .

video from engadget worth a look

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