Thursday, September 02, 2010

Growing Greener conference one not to miss

If you believe learning take places outdooors and links to the land environment this is the event for you.

Those of my regular readers know my passion for the outdoors be it mountaineering cycle touring and canoeing . They also know my passion for tech but what links them all is my love of landscape .
I used to train and work with students wanting to work with wildlife trust national parks and the like . Teaching botany estate skills geography and even arboriculture (dab hand with a chain saw). Even in the late 80's I had students setting up mini companies selling bird boxes using the web to promote them and using some of the first GPS kit to map land.
But the best is discovery learning and environmental activities (there not just games) . I've also picked up a lot of experience around tech since then .

Martin Waller from Holly Trinity Rosehill CEVAP  school is hosting the Growing Greener futures conference and along with some great keynotes by Juliet Robertson of (CreativeSTAR Learning) doing a slot called ‘Beyond the Box: Creative Learning Outside the Classroom’
Ollie Bray (National Advisor for Learning and Technology Futures) ‘Outdoor Learning and Digital Technologies’

there are a whole load of workshops going on I am running a session (working title) entitled from Map sticks to memory sticks and Clay tablets to tablet computers . doing some very practical and low tech activities and building on them and adding a tech twist . Even doing it on a day off ;-)

The session ideas arose and to be frank the inspiration came  out of attending Learning on the beach last June on the West Coast of Island  organised By Angella and John Davitt /writer/broadcaster digital tool maker

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