Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dunwich Dynamo something for the weekend ! Plus update

Well when your all asleep in your beds Saturday I am doing the Dunwich Dynamo again !
Its 200km bike ride through the night from London to Dunwich . It isnt for the faint hearted it is for the slightly mad !

a quote that describes it thought not from me

"Somewhere during the night you will hear a voice say, "Why am I doing this? I am never doing this again!" Look forward to this voice. Welcome it. Laugh at it. Embrace it. Look forward to hearing it again next year. Just know that it will come and that you will ride past it and be stronger when it fades into the shadows."

-- Chris Tirpak,

I have heard the voice I have laughed at it and I am back for the 5th time and weather forecast is for rain in the early hours.

"No sleep till the coast"

Dunwich Dynamo 2007 survivor

116 miles in the rain for all but the last hour and what rain ! 9hrs 12 minutes on the bike 12.86 miles an hour . Good pace 12.8 for first 64 then a bit faster but under 13.00 for last 52. The food non stop well I did 5 cups of tea coffee with sugar to aviod the hypothermia setting ( no I am not kidding).

See the photostream

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Great to arrive at the Suffolk coast in proper sunshine. Trainee dynamo rider Linden aged 8 did last two miles . followed by a breakfast ( full English of course ) and a swim .

The most challenging yet ? Will I be back ?

I heard those voices mentioned at the earlier quote I laughed at them as the true imposters they are !!

BTW did the ride on my only bike a Dawes discovery 301 steel framed workhorse which I love. Should I go for a new bike next year or should I keep with tradition !

Answer to both questions YES ! See you at the dynamo 18th July 2008


Edward said...

Well done! Did you get any pictures?

andy black said...

Thanks Edward it was great added photo stream to the post the weather was so foul so few photo's the photo's in the feeding station were taken before camera completely was enveloped in condensation .

Unknown said...

great ride despite the torrential rain. Will definately be there next year.

see pix at:

Unknown said...

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