Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The times they are a changing

The debate of PDA (EDA) is getting more difficult. The rise of truly smart phones Nokia95 Toshiba g900 and meaningful UMPC like the UMPC 650 nice photo eh !! is really making the term a bit historic in my humble opinion. Samsung blazed the way with the Q1 and more recently remtech have hit the ground running with the very sleek and practical UMPC650 . The UMPC650 is here its not just a proof of concept box as to price let you know !

Now smart phone UMPCwhat's your weapon of choice or are they both part of the business offer armoury . In education use it strikes me the umpc might be the logical choice but watch the space going to be exciting . But remember its noty about the device its how you use it !!!

Intel Toshiba samsung are all working hard in this area. Looking forward to BETT2008 already


Anonymous said...

BETT 2008?, surely Handheld Learning 2007 ;-)

Unknown said...

Nice and quite informative post. I really look forward to your other posts.

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