Saturday, December 01, 2007

Cell Phone College Class Opens in Japan

Japanese already use cell phones to shop, read novels, exchange e-mail, search for restaurants and take video clips. Now, they can take a university course. Now Cyber university are offering course my mobile phone .
No not mixed delivery method stuff but pure by mobile or so it seems

My mobile feed the famous Mike Short Bless Him sent me this !!

Even I a few months ago would have scoffed but my own prediction of the year being the year the mobile goes mainstream is becoming fact.

Cyber interesting or cyber rubbish ?? You decide ?


Richard Millwood said...

Cyber Rubbish.

Watching videos of lectures on mobile, PC or telly is only 1% of the educational story. The article only hints at the other 99% - such as business model? assessment? student activity?

andy black said...

Hi Richard

I tend to agree but remember how awful our first efforts at e-learning were. I think the key is allowing learners to collaborate on lots of levels your comment about student activity alludes to this !!