Monday, May 26, 2008


Now I cant make this I am elsewhere but its going to be great so book yourself on contribute debate . Steve Moore the unconference facebook king is yet again driving this great event forward for Channel 4

copy below

2gether 2008

Solving bigger problems

2 – 3 July 2008

Rochelle School


London E2 7ES

Digital innovations are changing our world, the way we perceive it and our notions of what is possible ….

But are we doing enough or being imaginative enough to harness the potential of internet, mobile and games technologies to:

  • promote social progress,
  • improve the quality of our public life,
  • enhance our collective well-being and happiness and
  • tackle the most intractable problems facing the world at the outset of the 21st century ?

The first 2gether Festival will bring together over 300 radical
innovators practical visionaries from a wide range of fields to focus
on how using digital technologies we can generate real social benefits.

2gether is not just about wise words and rousing presentations. A
defining hallmark of the Festival will be how we frame problems and
work towards solutions. This will begin on-line, in advance of the
Festival and continue during and after the event.

Imagine what we might be able to achieve…

Who will be there?

An eclectic mix of technologists, policy makers, campaigners, TV
producers, software and games developers, designers, politicians,
digital innovators, writers, bloggers, social entrepreneurs,
philanthropists, leaders from charities, NGOs and leading players in
the marketing, PR, cultural and creative fields as well as anyone else
who believes that creative use of emerging digital technologies can
generate solutions to society’s most pressing problems.


Our Festival will include a mix of structured content featuring a
showcase of world class speakers and panels, other more
self-organising, conversational sessions with lots of opportunities and
spaces for people to mingle at their leisure.

We will also be hosting ‘open space’ facilitated
conversations, brainstorming sessions, pecha kucha micro-presentations,
short films, musical performances, a big party and a few surprises!

There will also be “white spaces” to include time and
physical space, that participants can use to develop creative inputs
into the event. These could focus on specific issues, for example
climate change or education, or genres for example, serious games, and
many more experimental interventions.

These will make the most of the ingenuity and expertise of those
present and the opportunity to showcase ideas and solutions that have
been developed in the weeks before and during the event.

2gether will include an opportunity to meet the nominees for the inaugural UK Catalyst Awards, the presentation of the 10th anniversary New Statesman New Media Awards and the launch of Channel 4’s new public service pilot fund 4 Innovation Public.

Personally I might make the party !!

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