Thursday, May 15, 2008

Is unlimited really unlimited vodafone 500mb data tariff

From a correspondent re data tariffs on vodafone

the report is as follows

I wanted clarification on the cost of data thereafter on the 500mb.

I had a very interesting conversation where they said that it was an unlimited bundle, but they have to state a cap as nothing in the world is truly unlimited, but they can use the word unlimited so long as they state a price per MB thereafter. What is really interesting here, and I have it in writing from them, the cost per MB thereafter is actually £0.00p – so truly unlimited !!

so get using that data tariff other tariffs providers are available and do check the small print !!!

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dwlu said...

Hi everyone

The Vodafone data bundle is indeed unlimited although it does have a fair usage limit of 500MB per month.

This fair usage limit means if you use excessively more than 500MB each month, you'll be asked to lower your usage before you're charged. This means on the new data bundle, you'll not be charged any additional data charges unless you've previously been warned.

I'm sure you'll agree this bundle is excellent value for money and hope everyone makes use of this option.

Vodafone UK