Friday, October 10, 2008

Mlearn2008 Exceeds wildest expectations and rfid first

Excuse the lack of long post but just got say Mlearn2008 was the best conference I've attended in a while . why well here's my feedback

1) Quality of papers without doubt high quality throughout
2) Keynotes not on duff one amongst them and interesting mix of commercial, policy focused and awesomely academic.
3) Exhibitors only a few but quality people
4) Social activity two great evening socials
5) Attendees really great mix those awesome South Africans, New Zealanders (Selena Chan and Thomas Cochrane blew my head off !!) those Awesome Aussie and a real great mix of other people from around the world.
6) Dr Chris Dennett and his working like devils with rfid and bluetooth stuff. The first education conference in the world to use rfid to inform its audience throughout . example of one clip sent to my phone
I will blog it loads but just to tired now

well done organising committee anyone fancy Florida next year !!!


andy black said...

and of course John Traxlers dancing way to go John !!

Thom Cochrane said...

Hi Andy - thanks for the nice comments :-)
Will have to keep in touch - it was great to finally meet you after reading all your reports over the years etc... My email is on the mlearn delegate list. Thom Cochrane.
PS one of my blogs is (if you're interested):