Tuesday, October 21, 2008

MUVEnation launch teaching and learning with MUVE's

Thanks to Steven Warburton for sending this my way

The European funded MUVEnation project has just
launched ‘Teaching and learning with MUVEs’. This is a one
year postgraduate programme, delivered online, for future and
in-service teachers who want to use innovative methods and tools to
address learners motivation and participation issues in compulsory
education. What impact can 3D virtual worlds, such as Second Life,
really have on our learning and teaching settings?

course is free, but there are only 80 places. Participants will receive
a formal letter or certificate of completion from their assigned
institution For a full overview of the programme description and
objectives please visit. We have four levels of participation - from
the full course to those who are more experienced and would like simply
to observe and participate in discussions

programme will be taking place in Italy, United Kingdom, Germany,
Spain, Belgium and France. If you are interested in participating then
please see the registration details here on the site, the closing days
for applications is the last week in October.

We look forward to hearing from you,
The MUVEnation team