Thursday, March 12, 2009

following COSN conference in Austin Texas via twitter

Well I know Vanessa Pittard presented our web 2.00 work commissioned in UK schools by Becta at the Consortium fro School Networking Schools conference in the USA but other presentations are there as well . they are also running a twitter feed

Worth following you can find conference programme here
Full conference programme can be downloaded here

some UK flavoured ones

Stephen Lucey of Becta presented on
TH501: UK Leadership: Home Connection and
Innovation Strategies

Another UK prsentation by
W306: Integrating SMS for education – the
European experience
Steve Sidaway, Sales & Marketing Director,,
Leeds, UK
Mobile phones are now universally available and accepted.
They are transforming how students interact and with each
other, with organizations and with ideas, and this is only the
beginning. The technology is there but each university, college
and school must explore and experiment with what it can do
for them and their students. This presentation will draw case
examples from one of the largest education message
communities in Europe.

Long way away but whats distance with technology anyhow.

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