Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Netbook effect just what do you use your PC for ?

Really interesting article on wired. Mentioning the pioneering work of Mary Lou Jespersen (and I might add her colleagues) on the OLPC project who I by serendipity spent a very pleasant breakfast whit before her Keynote at Mlearn2006 ( I didn't know who she was ). Many say the OLPC hasnt yet delivered on its primary promise but they did certainly focus the mind of mainstream laptop manufacturers . The article suggest as I have been saying for a while that the project drove the development of netbooks drove price down and made people think what do you use your PC/latop for.
I like my asus eeePC but its not my primary machine but it works well at what it does its isnt a machine for rich media. The other netbook Ive used is the Tosh NB100 is a different beast kinetic harddrive 10 times bigger than the asus much more ram . The keyboard is small for really hard regular use (unless your a young user ) but it will support full size screen and keyboard and is a rich media machine . Now Ive used Ubuntu windows XP netbooks I dont care but with the OLPC and many of its features that will come into "mainstream machines" they wouldnt have occurred at such attractive prices . For browsing word processing etc the simplest netbook does the job . Now reflect on how you use your PC/Mac today .

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