Tuesday, February 02, 2010

If you do nothing else today follow this guy on twitter

Ok its not totally tech related but he is using twitter face book and google maps. Adam Wooly a resident of that gem of Suffolk Countryside Saxsted is doing a small bike trip of 10'000 miles . On  2nd of January 2010  he  left from London to cycle the 10,000 miles to Cape Town through 17 countries in around 7 months, all in aid of Malaria Consortium.

He is doing it as sponsored ride for the malaria consortium now first off all visit his website and donate some cash http://www.wheresadam.net secondlyfollow him on twitter as off this lunch time today he had only 242 followers I reckon between us we can give a boost and reach a thousand follow him on twitter @london_capetown so come on everybody follow his progress . 140 characters is a lot of encouragement !!

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