Monday, February 08, 2010

TeachMeetGameOn March 29th The Brewery London

Well those Teachmeet giants are having another outing described by some as the best evening CPD you will ever have this adult show and tell of teacher practices in relatin to Tech is not to be missed.

The organisers of Games Based Learning 2010 have lent a room and free WiFi to hold a TeachMeet that is primarily focussed on use of games in education but in true teachMeet tradition is open to anybody who want to share their practices in using any kind of tech in education. You can do a 7 minute talk a 4 minute nano presentation or just lurk !! Find out more at please note its free but you need to register here to gain access to the bulding at
these are great events see my post from earlier Teachmeet in Scotland for a little flavour of what a Teachmeets about.


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