Thursday, April 08, 2010

internet user in india and Mobile phone users "a pocketful of worldwide possibilities"

India according to this report has 52 million active internet users and up to 71 million occasional internet users may not be many  in the context of a 1 billion population. but the figure I found much more striking is the growth in mobile 15 million mobile users a month (a figure equivalent to about 1/4 of UK population ).
The move to rural areas over urban areas in terms of growth of internet use is interesting. As Gandhi said "the soul of india lies in its villages".

worth a look it may challenge the way you view the world the fourth fifth generation smart phones may excite us in the developed world but potential using simple 2nd or 3rd generation phones (SMS,voice and maybe simple browser email functionality  ) in countries like India  is quite simple a pocketful of worldwide possibilities .

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