Thursday, April 08, 2010

QR google muscle in and Clic2c

vThanks to James for point this out now I am a huge fan of that not only shortens urls on the fly but displays them in a huge point size useful if your  presenting but it also generates a large qr code . James Clay with his excellent blog has pointed me in the direction in Dave Hopkins blog

Dave points out Google are now in on the url shortening act in and suggests if you add .qr to shortened urls it generates qr codes not its on of those annoying under control of big G things at the moment but will I am sure creep out to wider use.

On a seperate note I have been looking a propriety (well I think it is is) embedded codes or watermarks these are codes hidden in images as a way of watermarking ownership of images or imparting hidden information behind a graphic picture. I am led to believe getty use it to mark there images . but its worth a look |Clic2c has an app for iphone and android phones its currently used in marketing but certainly could be used in education

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Alex said...

I think that this CLIC2C seems like is not taking any realstate out the advertiser and its much more eyecandy. I've tested it on some magazines herein spain and works amazingly fast with my Nexus one.