Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Google job experiment

The Google job experiment thanks for @fireglo for pointing this out . Alec Brownstein has published a video called 'The Google Job Experiment', showing how he personally harnessed the power of Google's micro-targeting to land himself an interview with a variety of well known creative directors:. Basically he micro tailored so a specific search would yield this result yes he did get offered interviews

worth a look

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Anonymous said...

I NEVER look at the promoted ads at the top of search results, on principle. I reckon they're always from people or organisations who are too self-obsessed. (I don't like ads in general as most of them are either boring, not for a product I really want/ need, or offensive.) Of course, this puts a whole new spin on them, so I guess I'm going to rethink my attitude towards them.