Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Open Mobile Learning: Helping Integrate Mobile Phones with Curriculum | Digital Media Learning Competition

Now if you do one thing yes one thing today do this view the video as part of a submission to the digital media and learning competition supported by the MacArthur as part of the Hastac Initiative its about open mobile learning and is put it simply an attempt and a good one to suggest to educators how learners own devices can help with there learning . Worth a view and to be honest people express a view .I know my readers friends in Japan Australia Ireland and Scotland to name but a few will have something to say so leave a comment and support a simple but well thought out proposal. No tactical voting required just your view

Open Mobile Learning: Helping Integrate Mobile Phones with Curriculum | Digital Media Learning Competition


Kevin McLaughlin said...

Thanks for posting this Andy. It comes at a time when one union is deliberating over banning mobile phones in schools due to recent news events. But that's not the way forward. Teachers should not feel threatened by the use of mobile technology as a learning platform as long as there are guidelines in place. The OpenMobileLearning propose such guidelines albeit in the USA but it's something that organisations here can work from.

Bob Harrison said...

Thanks Andy, We need to continually raise awareness of the potential of mobile devices to enhance learning. I was at the MoleNet Advisory board last week which will soon be disseminating the findings of one of the largest mobile projects.


Interestingly the Academy in Sheffield,where my son works,has decided to BAN all mobiles from the building!!

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KnowledgeShift said...

Their approach to integrating mobile learning is right on, you need to teach the educators how to use them first. With their OML curriculum I think it will help accelerate this process. We run into the same situation with adults in corporate training. They all have a mobile device as well but they are still trying to figure out how to use them for training.