Thursday, August 02, 2007

Designing human centred technologies for the developing world

Interesting area of work technology in the developing or the forgotten world !!! so if your out there got any work to showcase get that submission in because the deadlines been extended. Is developed world thinking technology transferable and is it sustainable any help to the vast bulk of the population ????

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Workshop: Designing human centered technologies for the
developing world: HCI but not as we know it. Tue, 4 Sept. 2007 at the
HCI 2007 conference, Lancaster, UK

huge investments being made in ICT for development (ICT4D) and
education (e.g. "$100 laptop," UN programmes etc.) and high
expectations being raised, it is critical to ensure that ICT
developments are in fact usable, useful, appropriate and well adapted
to the communities and contexts in which they are intended to be used.
This requires well designed solutions, which in turn requires
appropriate human-centred design methods. However, it is unclear that
methods largely developed for and with users in the developed world
will prove appropriate in the developing world. This workshop aims to
bring together interested parties and strengthen the User-centred
design for development (UCS4D) community, as well as contribute to the
body of knowledge about designing for and with communities in the
developing world.


  • Share experiences of Human Centred Design in the developing world;
  • Identify key issues and patterns;
  • Explore new, alternative and modified methods for human centred and participatory design of Development Technologies;
  • Develop new partnerships - particularly international partnerships;
  • Disseminate learning from this workshop through online and and offline publication; and
  • Strengthen the HCI in Development Technology community.
Its part of the main HCI 2007 conference link to that is here

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