Tuesday, August 14, 2007

ICT Conference -The Essential Skills for the 21st Century

If your interested in the area of ICT as a skill for life this event maybe of interest.
Organised by NIACE
Wednesday 7 November 2007

Venue: East Midlands Conference Centre, University Park, Nottingham


In order to successfully participate in 21st century society requires individuals to be competent and confident users of information and communication technology (ICT). ICT has changed the way we work, learn and live our lives. Over 90% of all new jobs require ICT skills and the growth in government and commercial online services means that people who are unable to use them are increasingly at a disadvantage.

Employers require employees with ever improving levels of ICT skills and knowledge therefore 20 million employees will need to continuously enhance their skills. Almost 17 million adults do not use the Internet and are at risk of serious social and economic disadvantage.

At the moment there are many new initiatives and developments underway that make it important to be aware of the main trends in assisting people to develop their ICT skills. Some of the new developments are:

* ICT as a Skill for Life
* ICT Functional Skills
* ICT Diploma
* the relationship between ICT and other skills for life
* vendor standards
* ITQ.

The main aims of the event are to:

* understand the ICT needs of the country
* gain an understanding of the main developments within ICT users
* gain an understanding of the relationships between the different

Objectives of the event

Participants will gain an understanding of:

* the new ICT User Skills developments (e.g. MyGuide - how to
reach the millions of people who do not use the Internet)
* the relationship between initiatives such as ICT Skills for
Life, ICT Functional Skills and ICT Diploma
* the relationship between ICT and the other skills for life.

This event will be of particular interest to:

* ICT teachers, tutors and trainers
* Managers with responsibility for ICT User Skills delivery.
* Arrival and registration is at 9:30am for a 10:00am start. The event will end at 4:00pm.

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Enquiries to Gurjit Kaur on 0116 204 2833; e-mail:

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