Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mlearn melbourne 2007 ;Making the connection

OK I cant go but youve got to follow this sign up for the newsletter updates at least

I wish Caryl Oliver conference chair and colleagues a good one !! Caryl has done some great stuff with FE type learners. Great also to see a UK company doing the sms
side of the conference.

I love Five Quick Strategies to ease into using mobiles for learning
  • Think of mobiles as mini-computers: call them by a new name!
  • Think of mobiles as tools to share, not just for individuals
  • Think of learning, as well as social applications
  • Focus on creation, rather than consumption
  • Develop etiquette for mobiles with students
so go one register for the newsletter better still get there. Sell the Mac, the pet or whatever but get there !

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