Thursday, February 07, 2008

free WiFi network for "wireless social hippies"?

This is from Frontier science a blog by Denmark based blgger
interesting post on a system very similar to the fon shared wifi type concept.

blog post read
Join the world wide wippie revolution" is the slogan for a new WiFi service from Finland..FREE for wireless hippies! posted today on the frontier sciences network and the mobile monday network Free WiFi network for "social hippies"? af Scott Hill, 7. feb 10:14 the Finnish company Saunalahti announces ’Wippies’ (from ’Wireless Hippies’), a WiFi-sharing newtork smiliar to FON which is already very popular in Europe. At the moment, Sanualahti is offering FREE WiFi routers to new customers in Finland and Sweden, as well as free webmail accounts, under the slogan "join the wireless hippies revolution". The FON concept is already very popular in Denmark, with thousands of sites already, and is spreading like wildfire through Europe and the US...however FON requires a startup fee and you have to pay for the router... We will be following the progress of "Wippies" closely!A1E4CC21DE41A7DD!263.entry

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