Thursday, February 07, 2008

New academy goes down umpc route fro year 7 and 8 pupils

The highly innovative New Line Learning Academy in south Maidstone, comprising 3 original secondary schools, has adopted an equally innovative interactive "Anytime Anywhere Learning" strategy.

video is worth a watch.

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John Wootton said...

We looked at these Andy. Too expensive just yet. Get 3 Asus for the price of one of these.

Have you seen Inkmedia mini-laptop and the Cloudbook? Any thoughts on them.

Glad you enjoyed Ironbridge.

John Wootton
Holyhead School

andy black said...

|Hi John
No I havent looked at Inkmedia mini-laptop and the Cloudbook send me a link in a comment !! I really like the asus and more asus like devices are coming. Anybody out there using asus in the classroom yet ??