Sunday, February 03, 2008

Touch of blogging

well finally getting some time to give my recently purchased IPOD Touch a look at .

things its great at

  • Youtube viewing
  • browsing email though lack of email client is a pain (more of that later)
  • music and video viewing
  • web browsing
The only thing it isn't great is blogging from I need Apple to allow third party Apps as using blogger on it is difficult .

There is an upgrade available at the cost £12.99 with google maps notes weather etc and an email client. It comes as standard on 32gb Ipod launched . So go on guys give us exisitng users a free upgrade !!

1 comment:

Matthew Rees said...

I've had mine a couple of weeks now and wonder how I ever lived without it! I particularly like being able to look things up like football results when in pubs :-)