Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hi to some readers

Well its lovely to hear about new readers of the blog and give some old one a plug ! First of all my old mate Niel Mayne of Northern College ( e tutor of the year a couple of years ago) has mentioned some of the students on MSc in Multimedia and Education at Huddersfield read my blog !!! A little fact for them I am an ex Huddersfield poly Geography Graduate and the course with its pioneering computer mapping now called GIS set me up on my current path. The fact I also borrowed a BBC micro to write my dissertation on was a revelation to me as a dyslexic students so a huge heads up to Huddersfield !!!
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Now to plug someone elese excellent work Susan Waters of Tafe who I think works out of Perth Australia I know is a reader. I had a weird text from Steve's mobile at mlearn from Melbourne in which Susan introduced herself. Susan has just had high praise from James farmer of edublogs in his newsletter about here blog on things blog and web2.0 in general . I quote from James email newsletter

The Edublogger:

Possibly the most useful blog you'll ever visit, and written by multi-Edublog Award nominee Sue Waters, The Edublogger covers everything from giving your blog a makeover to adding photos to your site, playing with widgets and much much more. It's an education!

A seriously useful resource so good on those of you in the Southern and Northern hemisphere or is it just the blogosphere . sadly not even google could yield susans email address so if one of you know it get in touch.

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Anonymous said...

Yep I know - seriously naughty of me to hide my address. I do have it on my personal blog Mobile Technology in TAFE. The challenge I have is that some readers equate the Edublogger and me with a person that provides technical support for using Edublogs; which I'm not. I go out of my way to help readers - and do seem them emails explaining how to - if I am able to but I know adding my email will mean I am more likely to get a large number of emails asking technical questions. Funnily enough some of the people I do email assume that I am technical support, and my service is provided by Edublogs, rather than the reality that I am an educator happy to help others out.

My email is suewater[at]

Yes I did enjoy stealing Steve's mobile and texting you. Say hi to Steve from me :)

Sue Waters