Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Eye-Fi adds support for Iphoto

Thanks to Rob Englebright for spotting this posting on engadget from Macworld. I actually spotted eye-Fi a sd wireless card to fit in any digital camera that uses a standard sd card as a memory card back in November see original post on my blog at

but as recent Mac user pleased to see theyve added Mac functinality both for safari and firefox browsers for Macs.

Believe it or not, MacWorld does continue ev! en after Jobs has left the building. In as much, Eye-Fi just announced support for Apple's iPhoto as well as the Safari and Firefox browsers when accessing their web-based Eye-Fi Manager. iPhoto support means you can now capture images from your digital camera to your $99 Eye-Fi 2GB SD card and transmit them directly into the photo management software while on your home WiFi network -- right, no hotspot uploading action for you. Considering photos were previously dumped into a folder (or 19 on-line sites), the free update is definitely a step in the right direction. see engadget link here

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