Friday, January 04, 2008

Looking forward looking back! The looking back bit!!

Well it's that time of year and along with my usual thoughts on what's coming I might for once reflect on what's past.
Last year things I hinted at

  • Mobile went massive. The story of
    • Devices IPhone, Ipod Touch, Asus Eeepc, Remtechs Umpc 650 and others, smartphones.
    • Peripherals battery powered projectors microvisions mobile phone projectors Wi-Fi memory cards fro digital cameras
    • Connectivity education deals by the 3,Cloud,Vodafone T-mobile mobile internet providers all in the area of education and 02 and as for Bluetooth well its here
    • Software mobile apps for Shozu , Facebook Gmail and Google Android and open handset alliance
    • SMS 1 billion texts a week in the UK and growing its not going away
  • Software went
    • Social
      • Facebook I didn't get till late on and now its part of my routine and I use instead of email and parallel to my blog
      • Microsoft 2007 has a great blogging from word function
      • Flock a Firefox derivative that integrates face Facebook and other social apps in the browsing experience
    • Browser web based
      • Gmail growth continued
      • Google presenter hit the streets (watch this one)
      • Scribefire became more functional for you keen bloggers
      • Tool bar additions kept coming
      • The whole Iphone,Ipod touch software integration raised the bar again
    • Geographical aware
      • GPS tagging of mobile device pictures became common and integration with packages like Google earth possible for mere mortals
    • Integrated

The key point about the Mlearning part of the mobile revolution is it has started to leave the pilot stage and enter the shipping lanes. The stealth technology has crept up on the mainstream across all fronts and mainstream is now integrating with the mobile or it is vice versa.

"Quote of the year Daniel Applequist of Vodafone in five years there will be one internet and it will be mobile!!" Future Mobile November 2007


  • Information went push not visit based
    • RSS Based beyond email is one of my mantra's
    • Google alerts and other feed notifiers became standard tools for me

What a great year and next year looks even more exciting

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islayian said...

Here's to excitment and the future.
Now how do we get the majority of teachers to 'get it'?