Saturday, January 05, 2008

The looking forward bit !!

I unusually have been thinking a lot this week before blogging Staring down the barrel of BETT next week. My busiest week of the year.

Then along came a comment from IslayIan to my previous post

"Here's to excitement and the future.
Now how do we get the majority of teachers to 'get it?"

Few thoughts

  1. learners are changing kids aren't at heart but they way they learn and consume information I think is .
  2. Parents/carers whatever the age are becoming more comfortable with technology be that with
    1. Internet shopping
    2. Gaming the Wii Nintendo effect
    3. Digital photography
    4. The ipod MP3 phenomena
    5. The whole phone phenomena, SMS,camera phones

How to get teachers to get it.

The kit bit (wake up guys and girls its here or arriving soon.

Robust networks and kit well I reckon if your not obsessed with the latest shiniest we are there and the like ASUSEeePc numerous media rich laptops,umpc's are getting us closer

The blogging learners as creators of content as well consumers it's a mixed economy stupid !!

The whole MP3 podcasting thing thanks to £6.00 MP3 players and the Ipods be it nano's touches or Iphones of this world

Plus those other so called gadgets

The creativity bit

Yes learners produce and consume rubbish in the media scape but they also produce stunning stuff!! But with intervention of teachers ( to Make Derek Robertson of Learning and Teaching Scotland smile) teachers learners can work together to co create co construct and co-review great material to help scaffold and enhance their learning .

Teachers need space to practice and comfort in support for what they are doing

The curriculum might need to change but for obvious reasons I leave you to make your own mind up.

Stop worrying

The world is changing and in many respects the best people to help us oldies get our heads round it are learners themselves .

How to you broadcast share good practise and appraise failure that's the challenge . The challenge is now one of creativity I think the the access to technology at a basic level is nw a utility that staff can expect learners demand and be warned parents are going to start asking searching questions if its not available.

Hang on cutting edge learning in 2008 is going to be :-
1) Mobile to a point of being pervasive .
2) Context and location aware
3) Device seamless or even agnostic
4) Collaborative and contextual while allowing individuals multiple persona

So strap in its going to be exciting .As a geographer the whole location aware thing is going to be awesome

This might be wrong but as you all know what matters is not what you predict but what you miss !

Complet rubbish or do you have alternative views t you want to post and BTW adding Islayians blog to my blogroll

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