Monday, January 14, 2008

Forget the term EDA or PDA its a MID

Well according to the stuff coming out of the consumer electronics show (CES) in the states.

Interstingly the producer eeepc ASUS has three different offerings in the mobile device market and interestingly a four if you count there internet radio.
Mobile Internet Device

  1. eepc the linux based entry level low format device
  2. R50A UMPC a so called rich media device with connectivity and GPS functinality built in.
  3. P527 Cell (mobile )Phone.
other manufactures are follwing this degree of vertical integration so forget WMD and lookout for MID. Theyve won three awards at CES.

Winning Product
Eee PC Mobile Internet Device that Makes it Easy to Learn, Easy to Work, and Easy to Play Computer Hardware
R50A UMPC Revolutionary UMPC that Redefines “Mobile” with Full PC and GPS functionality Computer Hardware
P527 Cell Phone Elegant GPS Cell Phone Telephones
ASUS Internet Radio Listen to Worldwide Broadcasts with ASUS Internet Radio Personal Electronics

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