Friday, June 18, 2010

Near and Far NFC just got nearer

Bless Nokia all goes relatively quiet and Apple and Android take centre stage then they do this All Nokia smartphones released by the company from 2011 will come with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology built in, according to Near Field Communications World (NFCW).

NFC is technology used in oyster cards etc and can be used for location,data transfer and importantly micro payments .

The mobile phone is now not only to paraphrase Ray Kurzweil, "the gateway to all human knowledge but your wallet too
  •  Electronic ticketing — airline tickets, concert/event tickets, and others
  •  Electronic money
  •  Travel cards
  •  Identity documents
  •  Mobile commerce  Electronic keys — car keys, house/office keys, hotel room keys, etc.
This will impact on education in the medium term

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