Wednesday, June 23, 2010

QR codes that are flexible and last

Here is an interesting one from the great QR and url shortening site theyve now added functionality to produce a QR code but to change where the code takes you so if you change hosting or run a series of dynamic events you can keep same produced/printed qr codes. Think publications; teeshirt logo's, beermats ( I kid you not) .

Basically the produced QR code is to a forwarding page that is editable and can automatically forward the enquirer on. Neat eh !
Site describes it this way

" Want a QR Code T-Shirt or badge? Use our new QR Code redirector. That way you can alter where the URL in the barcode redirects each time you wear it, rather than print a new one every time! It would be funky with stickers too  sad)

Create me a QR Code that I can redirect on a whim!


Graham Cowan said...

Hi Andy,
I can't get the link to go directly to the site!

Graham Cowan

andy black said...

Graham sorted link sorry !! try now.

Pasta Recipes said...

Appreciate this blogg post