Friday, June 18, 2010

SE.Asia releases study on media consumptions, Internet and mobile trends key findings this is is only the start

Huge thanks to Mark Kramer for this great piece of info Yahoo South East Asia has released a study on Internet trends and media consumption. Great read but this is only the start and the trend of progression from wired to wireless telecoms, PC internet to Mobile just doesnt apply anymore especially outside the supposedly  developed economies.

Now in its second year, the Net Index series has recently been launched in Southeast Asia.  The study is based on an in-depth, large-scale cross-media habits study of online users that goes beyond Internet media habits. The study is conducted  in Vietnam, Indonesia, The Philippines and Malaysia.
Interesting range of countries  from highly developed Malaysia to Vietnam at the other end of the scale with the market giant of indonesia in between.

see more of the reports findings at

You can read key finding yourself but how about this for a statistic
  • Indonesia, the largest and fastest growing online market in Southeast Asia, has recorded a jump from 22% (2009) to 48% (2010)
  • Vietnam, mobile Internet access is picking up fast, nearly doubling year-to-year, from 10% (2008) to 19% (2009). Popular activities are searching for information and listening to music
It also dsipels our fascination with high end smart phones in europe with this statistic from Indonesia
  • Mobile Internet usage is predominantly from a mobile phone with advanced features rather than a smartphone as only 11% own a smartphone
Now to depart from Yahoo report why do I keep banging on about Indonesia
  • its got 10million 3G 5 times more than it has broadband user (bmi report in mobi 2009)
  • 150 million mobile users Indonesia is 4th largest country in the world with a population of 240Million people 
Indonesia is missing out the wired stage of telecommunication and it appears fast abandoning the tethered computer internet model . Its gone from public interent cafes to mobile without the home computer step it appears .
If you want to know more on Indonesia check out this great presentation

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:
Monetizing indonesia internet & Mobile

Now if you think thats interesting the one to watch is the continent of Africa that on the whole will go straight to mobile

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