Thursday, January 20, 2011

Making Waves and Plain Sailing

Those great people at TechDis have worked with BIS to luanch the following

JISC Techdis is running two competitions on behalf of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, designed to promote independent learning. This website provides links to information and documentation for organisations that may be interested in applying.

Competition one is about Gesture communication
Description of competition is
Communication is very important; for most people effective communication is a learned skill, but communication is also a basic human right.

Learners with disabilities may lack independence due to an inability to communicate by speech or due to a lack of motor control. If gestures could be easily learned, recognised and converted to digital data, a whole new world of opportunity would be opened to them. Gestures need not only be converted to text or audio output to be helpful to learners, they could also be converted to electronic command signals so that those with limited motor control can gain greater independence.

Competition two is about creating easily navigable and personalisable digital information.
That aims to unlock the potential of making digital information accessible . To try and address the complete nightmare that is often the experience of trying to navigate digital information.

The competition is open to developers in SME further detail can be found at

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