Sunday, January 09, 2011

The New frontier Learning without frontiers conference

I have been lucky to have been present at all the Handheld Learning conference since its first (I hate to use inaugural) in 2005  and Handheld 2009 was the last because it has now joined with conferences in Games Based Learning and Digital Safety to become learning without frontiers .
The area of handhelds  (or is it just mobile now) has gone from a minority sport to be frank the biggest shown in town. Like the humble text message that is now sent 6.1 trillion times in one year or 200,000 a second . Like mobie growth in some parts of  africa that gone from 1% penertration at the turn of the century to 20- 30 % depending on how you measure ownership .
As we meet and participate in the free day 1 of Learning without frontiers Let us play
Just think how remarkable the global picture is going from a situation in many countries where people would die having never made a phone call to owning phone.
The mobile device is rapidly becoming an extension or projection of many s personality and also a augmentation of there memory and personality. 
The renaming of the handheld Learning conference reflects that seismic shift in technology and human interactions   . These are and no double will give rise to great opportunities and challenges for those involved in education.

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