Thursday, March 20, 2008

Digitally Organised V Digitally Chaotic

Recently I was lucky enough to meet up with Gráinne Conole now Professor of e-Learning at Open University . I last worked with Grainne when I Introduced her as a Keynote on the first Virtual Learning Environments online conference arranged by Friends at DirectLearn . Grainne has a blog at

She raised the idea of some young people being digitally organised I raised the juxtaposition or paradox they are also digitally chaotic . The face they are more like to abandon a web presence and set up a new one if they forget a password than retrieve a password .

Interesting and heavyweight thinking blog .

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andy

yes i totally agree with you and isnt it interesting that virtually anything you can think about in terms of technologies has pros and cons - email great, email overload, social networking as a great means of extending communities vs. confusion & fractured communities, etc.....!