Friday, March 21, 2008

Floculation of facebook friends leads to loads of idea's

Spent yesterday at real life event with 25 odd people of which 40% I knew through facebook.
shout outs for Ewan, Gill,Geoff,Josie .

Discussing work arond web 2.00 . Ewan McIntosh did a great Intro (check out his blog) he used loads of cool stuff to make a interesting range of points.

One thing he showed was
which basically a site portraying complex stuff via animation. my favourite is here
looking at countres developmen relative to each other .

Going to blog more about the event over coming days but hey its holiday time and I've been for run blogged and its not yet 7.30.


TrendCompass said...

We Epic Systems together with Beemode ( have developed a Data Visualisation software almost ready to be released soon.

We are looking for ideas to promote the software.
You can view our preliminary version at :

Your comments will be appreciated.

Hisham Abdel Maguid

andy black said...

drop me a email at

TrendCompass said...

Here is another link for a project we did with Princeton University on US unemployment :

I hope you could evaluate it and give me your comments. So many ideas are there.

In a few days you can test the software by uploading data on our website and getting the corresponding Flash charts. This is for a limited number of users.


Eng. Hisham Abdel Maguid