Monday, March 10, 2008

MOMO cracking night leads to revelation of over the airways

Great night at my first ever mobile monday. looking at mobile apps for londoners majoring on stuff around transport. The great revaltion was the BBC backed over the air event. Its basecamp v hackaday v mobile plug fest if your interested in mobile youve got to be there !!!

Over the Air is a special event being organised by Mobile
Monday London, hosted by Imperial College and supported by the BBC. 48 hours of mobile and wireless development by and for the leading lights in the industry.

Some people are calling it Hackday for mobile but they’re quite different. Over the Air
is focused squarely on the mobile and wireless platforms. These
platforms are quite specialised and tend not to be very open to the
casual bedroom developer or for the busy professional. Over the Air
will be that chance many of us have wanted to try, play, experiment in
this new interesting sector. Not only that, a chance to learn from our
peers and industry leaders across the many platforms. Be it Android,
Series 60, OSX, Java, compact .net, etc, there all welcome to join the over the air party. So I look forward to seeing you

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