Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Futurelab Great expectations project survey of 14 -19 year olds

If you work with 14 -19 years old in the UK or are one please direct them to this survey there is a incentive or chance of winning one !!

As part of Futurelab’s http://www.futurelab.org.uk/ Greater Expectations project, we are sending you a link to an online survey for 14-19 year olds that we hope you can help us distribute. The survey will help shape the web site we’re building for the project, which we want to be centred around interesting and important issues for young people, so the more young people we can reach the more relevant the site will be.

The survey takes about 10-15 minutes to complete online and all completed entries will be entered into a prize draw for a £100 voucher from Amazon! The survey will close on 22 May 2009, so make sure it’s completed and sent by then!

The link to the survey is here:


We’d be very grateful if you could pass it on to young people aged 14-19 who you know or work with. Please also feel free to forward it to colleagues or others who could share it with other young people.

Printed copies can be sent via post by request if that is a more accessible option – please email (alison.oldfield@futurelab.org.uk) if you require this.

About Greater Expectations

Greater Expectations is a Futurelab project that is creating an exciting new online resource for young people aged 14-19. The resource aims to connect young people’s interests and aspirations with information and inspiration that can support and encourage them to pursue what they’d like to see and do in their lives. It will also highlight related rights and entitlements and support new and creative ways that technology can be used to help put these into practice.

In order to know what issues and topics should be included in the resource, we need to hear from a wide range of young people about their own interests and experiences – hence this survey. What we find out from this survey will add to previous research we’ve done with young people and directly shape the first draft of the resource, which will then be tested and further developed over the next year.

For more information about the Greater Expectations project or to get involved, check out information on our web site http://www.futurelab.org.uk/projects/greater-expectations

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