Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mobile Media 2020 and Education 2020

Now I know regular readers know all about the forth coming education 2020 conference on Islay in June.
which is looking great well done Ian

but on a unrealted matter I came across another 2020 link on the evolution role of Mobile Media  in 2020 through a contact . Worth a look at video below . Think if this is what might happen with mobile media in 2020 what about how education will change.

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Merlin said...

Interesting video Andy, thanks. Although it's somewhat Utopian -the world "gap" and international politics appear a lot more challenging - the conclusions it comes to are already broadly true. The "plastic paper that can be updated" can't happen quickly enough, particularly in the context of the enormous workforces of young people in London currently competing to give away mountains of instant waste paper to further the fortunes of - mostly - News International and The Daily Mail and General Trust. An insane waste of human energy and natural resources.