Sunday, September 27, 2009

Changes by Lewes New School

Now some people give Youtube a bit of stick ( I may or may not be one of them) in educational context. But watch these musicians and look at there work on YouTube on lewesnewschool on YouTube . When I looked 15,364 views and growing
Nice bit of work well done to all involved.

Changes by Lewes New School


Unknown said...

Great project by the looks of it. Good old Herbie on bass too!

This school is literally round the corner of my house and we looked into it for our daughter. Didn't quite work for us and it's obviously a private school which jars with my state education kinda philosophy. But they're definitely doing great stuff.


Charlie said...

Lewes New School is a 'reluctant private school'.

Currently, the state won't pay because the school has opted out of the national curriculum, preferring to follow a curriculum that is co-created by the teachers and kids together.

In the meantime, it's fees are less than half the UK average as it tries to charge only enough to cover its costs.