Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shift Happens 4.0 The digital media reconvergence remix

Karl Fisch
 shift happens video first produced in a few years ago.
This isnt hte original but is an early version

was one of the 1st ed tech related youtube video phenomena that went viral read the story at this wikki http://shifthappens.wikispaces.com/History+of+the+Presentation the blog related post here

Karl recently was asked to allow a version of the video called did you know 4.0 The digtial convergence remix to be produced this is the result . Love the idea or hate it still worth a look !

The future is a foreign land or is it ?? Its definitely mobile now I wonder whose been banging on about that ! If you now get it welcome to the world the mobile world!

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Unknown said...

Wow the pace was so fast I could hardly take it in! Maybe it was supposed to mirror that manic information exchange that's hitting us? I liked the original's pace - the way it punched you and then left enough time for you to realise what happened!

The thing that I came away with most from the 4.0 pres. was that as a dyslexic, I had to keep rewinding to see what was being said - it reminded me that online video can be almost any pace, because the user can always tailor the playback to their personal needs. Not really the message they were hoping I'd take away though! ;-)