Sunday, September 06, 2009

Recruitment for the National Teacher Research Panel

No comment but for information.

The National Teacher Research Panel is an independent group of practising teachers and tutors who work to:
• Ensure that all research in education takes account of the teacher and tutor perspective;
• Ensure a higher profile for research and evidence informed practice in government, academic and practitioner communities; and
• Increase the number of teachers and tutors engaged in and with the full spectrum of research activity.

The Panel is sponsored by the Department for Children, Schools and Families, the Learning and Skills Improvement Service, the General Teaching Council for England, and the National College for School Leadership. For more information about the panel please visit:

The National Teacher Research Panel is holding an open recruitment round during the autumn term, with interviews being held on 15th October 2009 in London. Applications are invited from practitioners in all phases of education including the learning and skill sector, with experience of engaging in and with research and who would like to join this prestigious and influential group.

Being a member of the National Teacher Research Panel is demanding, but it is interesting too, and practitioners gain access to truly exceptional professional development during their membership, as well as contributing to national research and development projects.

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