Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Handheld learning 2009

Well back home after packed 3 days ! completely interacted out an intense round of meeting mates old and new and the most intense twitter streamof any event ive been to. Forget gentle stream think ranging torrect . Whats interesting after a mention of the P word "Prensky" now I thiking maybe digital natives was a good model when the book Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants published in 2001 but it doesnt work for me now.

It seems ageist and almost one size fits all young people. They are not uniform but are a diverse and wide ranging landscape of skills and attiutude. I do believe adults can teach very young children to fear technology . The phrase stop playing with X you will break it springs to mind. Mick Waters used the idea that young people have gadgetgumption and we breed it out of them over the early years of school .
The idea I most like at the moment and would like your help to build on is one of  Residents V Visitors in the Digital world . Dave White Oxford University presented around this concept at ALTC2009 and his influential blog

Great work which I fully credit and with Daves permission I aim to build on it . I believe this works well but needs refining .because you can be resident or visitor using different tools .
Second life I am hardly a visitor , Youtube I am visitor in terms of creating content I am a resident in terms of consuming content. Twitter I am fully resident and at time confuse twitter conversation with email or even voice conversation . Facebook I  was resident on but my visa( my need to use) has started to expire .
I think we need to create a model / table of the tools then tagging if resident or visitor based on a range of criterai time spent on activity frequency etc.  Anyone got a view and helping me build the model.  I will blog about the great experience at HHL09 but this idea has got inside my head and needs developing..

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