Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Personalising Learning with the iPod Touch

Had pleasure of seeing Loiuse Duncan present at #hhl09 on great project on using ipod touches in education she has a really useful site at http://louiseduncan.globalteacher.org.au/

Worth looking at on a regular basis. I would be interested in any other projects using Ipod Touches in Education as well as other mobile devices . so go on leave a comment with a link !!

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Unknown said...

I am a teacher and I am really interested in getting technology into my classroom. I think that the personalized lessons you can create for a student using a device like an iPod Touch or any other mobile device would be very beneficial for my students, especially those that don't learn as well from standard writing on the board and reading from a text books. I have gotten some great ideas about how to incorporate technology into my lessons by talking with some other teachers on Applebatch.com. I would recommend anyone looking for tips and ideas about using technology in education to check out this site and get involved in some discussions.