Friday, October 23, 2009

Successful deployment of networked handheld devices for learning and teaching. NCSL 2005 reloaded

Many years ago well I think summer 2005 . Some bright spark (actually Judy Clark) invited me to gig at the National College for School Leadership on mobile learning .
I remember turning up to meet an eclectic mix of people Mike Sharples Birmingham University Bob Harrison representing Toshiba, Geof Stead of tribal , Dave Whyley of Wolverhampton (learning2go) and Steve Sidaway of TXTtools. Well it was an OK gig but relationships made changed my thoughts directions in technology forever.

Well ALT are unwittingly (?) hosting a slightly grander version at the same place but with a different cast of practioners . See below so if your interested register the stuff your doing

The Association for Learning Technology (ALT) is pleased to announce
that with the support of Becta we will be running a good practice
workshop for schools, colleges, universities, work-based learning, and
community education about the *Successful deployment of networked
handheld devices for learning and teaching*.

The workshop will be facilitated by Professor Gilly Salmon, head of
Leicester University’s Beyond Distance Research Alliance, and it will
take place between 16.30 on Thursday 12 November to 15.30 on Friday 13
November at the National College for Leadership for Schools and
Children’s Services in Nottingham.
There is a full description below and at
Please highlight the event to people in your reach who may wish to

If you wish to attend this event please express an interest using the
form at by no later than *12 noon on Friday
23 October*.

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Bob Harrison said...

Thanks for the memories Andy...NCSL had heard about this "M Leaning thing" and wanted to know more? Claire O'Malley was also there...the BSF Leadership programme has a lot of "M" stuff in it but I fear the other NCSL programmes still do not get it!