Friday, October 15, 2010

8ta Telekom South Africa become fourth mobile network in SA

Telekom South Africa has 4.3 million fixed line users but saw voice traffic fall by 9.3%.
Its now launched a mobile offering  8ta’s call charges will be about 60 percent lower than the
average rates South African mobile-phone users now pay, . Customers will earn free air time by receiving calls, and
50 free text messages for the rest of the day after sending at
least five messages.

 “We are targeting as many users as possible,” he said,
adding Telkom wants users to talk more on the phone. South
Africa has an average of 90 minutes of monthly use per client,
compared with 160 minutes in Chile and 190 minutes in Turkey,
countries with similar levels of gross domestic product per
capita, he said. What's good is now there are four mobile providers in South Africa as oppossed to three . The Mobile market is still a bit of a wild west but as alongside the likes of Kenya shows real signs of maturing.

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